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Our Products

Our product portfolio consists of both ex-stock and special order items imported on stringent quality standards. The products are backed with a friendly and experienced customer service whilst the after sales services are supported by our specially trained technical staff. We also continuously strive to expand and strengthen our product portfolio with competitive and innovative products new to the Sri Lankan market.

Endonotic materials from Diadent Korea 

  • EDTA, Paper points, G P points, K files (NiTi), H files (NiTi), Spreaders, Barbed Broaches,Spreaders, Pluggers, File measure set, GP Gauge
  • Root canal irrigation system
  • Calcium Hydroxide paste with Idofoam
  • Calcium Hydroxide paste with Barium Sulphate
  • Helix NiTi Rotary Files
  • Cheek retractors

Preparing,finishing and polishing, products from Recodent Taiwan

  • ISO European FG Diamond Burrs
  • Burr Kits
  • Safety Glasses
  • Burr boxs
  • Burr stands
  • Cleaning /polishing powder for use with Air Prophy unit

Restorative materials/Light curing-from Dentkist Korea and Dental Technologies USA 

  • Radio-opaque universal Nano based micro hybrid composites and hybrid
  • composites with fluoride and without
  • Nano based composite flow
  • Composite Sealant
  • Etching agents
  • Boding agents
  • Desensitizing agent

Light curing temporary filling materials/cements from Dental Technolgies USA 

  • Zinc Phosphate cement
  • Polycarboxilate cement
  • Glass Inomer cement GIC
  • Temporary crown and bridge materials

Impression Materials from Dentkist Korea

  • Bite
  • Heavy
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Putty VPS (Addition Silicon)
  • Impression gun
  • Mixing tips

Casting Denture materials from Siva India 

  • Dental plaster
  • Die stone
  • Cold mold seal
  • Impression composition
  • Shellac base plate
  • Heat cure Universal Pack
  • Cold cure powder

Dental consumables from China

  • ABS Impression tray
  • Rubber Bowl
  • Dappen dish
  • Cotton dental rolls
  • Cotton roll dispenser
  • Dental bibs
  • Micro applicators
  • Titanium Screw posts
  • Gold Hollow keys
  • Aspirator/High power suction tip
  • Saliva Ejectors
  • Ear loop masks (Latex free)

Dental Implants from  Dentium Korea

Whitening materials  from Lumalite USA

Dental Instruments from T C Instruments Pakistan


  • Dental Chair unit, Compressor, Handpieces – Flight Canada & W&H Austria
  • Ultra sound scaler,Autoclave, Intra Oral Camera – W&H Austria and Runyes China
  • Light Curing machine – W&H Austria and Ski China
  • Dental Scanner – Durr Dental Germany
  • Air Prophy unit – Chinese Origin

All equipment comes with a two year comprehensive warranty on parts and labour.

Please give us a call on telephone +94 1157 33308 and we will be happy to help choose the best product for you.

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